Alaya is a spiritual teacher and a mentor. In Sanskrit Alaya means "The Universal Soul" , The One who enlightens. For more than fifteen years he has been teaching his students practical techniques, which connect the inner world and the world we are used to, while uniting with the one source of all creation. The depth of his knowledge originates from numerous esoteric schools, like Raja Yoga, Vedanta, Patanjali Sutras, Tantra, Tao and Zen, as well as his own experiences through his ever-shining consciousness.

With a help of various approaches such as sound, light, relaxation, the interpretation of dreams, regression into past lives, self healing, the cleansing of the Karma by using different methods, Alaya explains and shows his students what enlightenment is. For it is not something which is located somewhere far away, in the distant future. Rather, it is a state of mind, which begins Here and Now.

Freya Sat
Freya is a licensed massage therapist, master of Reiki (the student of Diana Stein) and a bioenergetic healer (the student of Juna Davitashvili). Freya has been practicing for many years in both Russia and the United States.

Her spiritual understanding and growth came from the depth of Raja Yoga practices, through the contemplation, meditation and spiritual self perfection.

She teaches the following classes:

- Yoga of Self Perfection

- Self-Healing Therapy (using sound healing, such as crystal bowls, respiratory and physical exercises).

Freya's kindness and responsiveness, as well as her deep knowledge of a human nature allows her to help you with life's most difficult situations. It is her vastly open heart which embraces every one who comes will engrave deeply in you. It will make you smile and feel great about your own self and the world around you.
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