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It has been, and has disappeared, with the click of a camera shutter. In just a moment it has become an irretrievable past. Every photograph is time stopped; it has neither a past nor a future. It Is, Here and Now.

The world of photography is the art of light itself, whereby every object reveals itself in accordance with its radiation and reflection of light.

In every Is, Here and Now photograph there is an observer. He is the one
who has stopped time in capturing this moment, and is recreating the moment by looking again at the picture.

To be in the moment is to be fully conscious of oneself in space and time while resisting being pulled inside the object of one's observation.

As you look at the Is, Here and Now photographs, try to become conscious of your own form, your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Grasp the way in which All is Time-bound.

Freya Sat

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