Intensive Sound Healing Session
Transform Your Body, Mind and Spirit
Intensive sound healing is a unique system that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health.Intensive sound healing is a unique system of restoration and fine tuning of physical, psychological, and energetic condition of a human body.

The main purpose of intensive sound healing is to release and loosen up all cramps and knots in our physical body and to bring all internal organs into harmony with one another. This is why participants begin to feel better from the very beginning.

The method of sound healing is borrowed from secret ancient techniques, which is why many people discover their healing talents after just a few sessions. People who are more relaxed are able to submerge into parallel worlds and tap into the source of infinite wisdom.

A session of sound healing includes:

  • Exercise on feeling the sound
  • Methods of self healing using sound
  • Use of dynamic images to stimulate visualization
  • Listening to healing music
  • Unique scientific and esoteric information
Remarkable Results of Intensive Sound Healing:
    Body Healing
  • Deep relaxation
  • Immune system strengthening
  • Health restoration
    Mind Healing
  • Increasing energy level
  • Focus and concentration improvement
  • Stress reduction
    Spiritual Healing
  • Development of intuition
  • Expansion of conscious mind
  • Reunion with the light of your soul

Session Description:

1. The right way to visualize sound and light and how to experience their powerful transforming and healing effects to the full extent. Ancient esoteric techniques and special exercises are used to improve visualization so you can have an experience beyond our five senses.

2. Taos and Shaman Drums
Drum rhythms are catching your attention like a magnet. You can’t even think because the sound of a drum howls down your thoughts. This is when you literally lose control over your thoughts and your mind switches from transmitting into receiving mode. During this phenomenon, sound waves which are coming from the drum remove all blocks from you energy channels and refresh your physical body and the aura.
3. Tubular Bells
Soft vibrations and heavenly sounds, produced by tubular bells, elevate human mind to the next level of vibration. The mind distributes these vibrations through the body, and we begin to experience delightful sensation of ascent. Many participants experienced the feeling of levitation, and some even were checking their altitude reaching their hands for floor mats. Tubular bells work incredibly well for relaxation. A feeling of complete safety and trust settles in. At the same time we use vibrations of tuning forks and tubular xylophone to increase overtone vibrations.
4. Chi-Gong
The sound of a gong is similar to the sound of expanding universe. The sound wave propagates from the central source of blast in all directions expanding the scope of your mind and inducing the sensation of inner strength and unlimited power. This breathtaking, deep, and multidimensional sound will assist you in transformation of your inner sight and in expansion of your mind beyond imaginable.

"The Gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind, there is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind, the sound of the Gong. It is the first sound in the universe, the sound that created this universe. It's the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound of the gong is like a mother and father that gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist a gong that is well played." - Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

5. Quartz Crystal Bowls
Sound vibrations of seven crystal bowls resonate with our seven chakras. These sounds wrap around your body and awake every single cell in it, letting go of unwanted ego-rhythms and freeing us from negative dependencies. Participants become emotionally enlightened and begin to see new solutions to their old predicaments. All chakras regain their native vibes and become balanced and synchronized with one another. Brain becomes focused and regains its strength and power. Deep relaxation of brain and body takes place during these sessions. This leads to normalization of blood pressure, improvement of brain function, and stabilization of blood flow. Anxiety fades away and fears vanish in thin air.

Every session of sound healing includes special exercise aimed on deep relaxation, which is conducted lying on the floor. A small pillow and yoga mat would be very useful in this activity.

Duration of one session is 90 minutes.

The number of participants is limited, so please reserve your spot by phone: 201-577-8690 or via email:

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