Sound Healing
The space we are living in is transfused with sound vibrations. Every creature on our planet emits and receives sounds. We use sounds to pass information from one to another. Not only we hear sounds, we can feel them as well. Every cell of our body, every atom is influenced by sound waves. Sound has an effect on our conscious and subconscious minds, this is why it is very important to pay attention to the noise level of the environment we are living and working in.

Human being consists of a physical substance and seven bodies of energy surrounding it. Energy bodies and physical matter both exist in the shape and form of energy of various frequencies. Countless number of organs, tissues and cells compose a human body, and every organ has its own sound and vibration. When pathology is developing in one organ or another, the frequency of that organ is shifting away from normal. The further the shift -- the heavier the illness.

Sound has an enormous effect on human body. Our muscles, nerves and blood flow are being moved by means of vibration; hence our body is a live source of sound. Sound has an influence on every atom in our body and every atom sounds back. Vibrations penetrate our bodies through and through. We hear and feel sounds and vibrations with every pore.

Modern scientific discoveries have proven that our universe was created with extensive use of sound. Radio-astronomy supports the notion that Cosmos is filled with vibrations, and every planet and star has its own “song”. Many religions lead their people to be in harmony with Universe, with themselves, and with Creator through music, i.e. through vibrations.

Planets of our Solar system emit various frequencies, depending on their size, velocity, and remoteness. Saturn, the most distant from us planet, emits the lowest frequency. Our closest neighbor – Moon radiates the highest frequency of all.

Sound healing is one of the oldest healing techniques with positive impact on human body, mind and spirit. Ancient Egyptians used to cure insomnia by listening to chorus singing. Greeks have been healing radiculitis (lower back pain) and other illnesses of nervous system with the sound of tuba. Pythagoras cured illnesses of human spirits, souls and bodies playing his own special musical compositions. He used to start and end his day with singing. In the morning he would sing to cleanse his brain from slumber and to stimulate its function. Evening singing was meant to relax and slow down its activity. During vernal equinox Pythagoras would arrange his singing students in a circle placing one of them in the middle to lead others and to play lyre. Pythagoras saw our Universe as a gigantic monochord with its string attached to absolute spirit on one end and to absolute matter on the other.

The effectiveness of sound healing lies within emotional influence as well as in the fact that musical harmonics resonate with bio-frequencies of our internal organs and systems. Our digestive system, for instance, resonates with the note “Fa” (F), note “Do” (C) links humans with Cosmos and helps in curing psoriasis. A combination of notes “Si”, “Sol” and “Do” (B, G and C) helps in fighting oncological diseases. Medical doctors and physicists discovered that musical vibrations agitate vegetative mechanisms, stimulate neurological activities of our brain and induce positive vibrations on subconscious level. All this contributes to speedy healing and recovery.

Our life is filled with natural and man-made sounds. We rattle with kitchenware while cooking, play music records, listen to the radio and TV while talking on the phone. We rarely consider the effects all this has on our lives, health and well-being. Many electrical and mechanical devices produce vibrations that literally destroy our physical body and psyche; this is why sometimes we want to turn them off or simply remote ourselves from them.

It has been scientifically proven that loud and irritating sounds do change our heart rate (tachycardia), destroy blood vessels (hypertension) and shift breathing frequency (asthma). Ulcer, allergy, indigestion – all can be trigger by excessive noise and unpleasant sounds. Noise disrupts our way of thinking, provoking uncertainty and inducing irritability.

Healthy condition equates to the state of ideal rhythm and tone. Rhythm and tone are the major components of music. When our health is in jeopardy and we feel under the weather, the music of our body has been knocked out of tune and we begin to sound as an orchestra during intermission, when every instrument, aka organ, is mumbling something to itself. This is the time when we need a conductor to bring in fresh tone and harmony.

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