Group Spiritual Practices
During the group sessions Freya and Alaya explain:

    - What is Karma,
    - How your mind works,
    - How to free yourself from tension,
    - What we can do with our mind, feelings, and bodies,
    - In what way negativity and positivity manifest themselves ,
    - How you can attain balance ,
    - How you can remove your Karma.

Students are taught how to visualize auras, how Chakras function, how to open them completely and how to see using them. Attention is paid to the development of all SEVEN senses. You know five senses. The sixth sense is called ‘the mind’ and the seventh sense is the feeling of love and intuition.

Also, students begin to study mindfulness and contemplation and how to be in these states all the time.

On higher levels we teach Sutras. They penetrate deep into your body, deep into your energy, to your highest self. Thus, a human being attains their essence, and becomes a whole, harmonic entity

Individual Practices
In the individual lessons we first of all work on the most relevant problems of students. At the same time, we teach students how to cleanse their physical bodies, their minds, and their energy bodies.

By removing blockages and impurities from one's body, all of one's energy bodies are harmonized. Due to this the student receives additional living energy which fully balances them. Depending on the goals of the student, we choose specific practices for them, which help them more quickly reach their goals.

As a result, new abilities and possibilities open, which allow one to enter upon a new quality of life.

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